Dental Emergencies That May Not Seem Like Emergencies

Some dental emergencies can be obvious; you may have gotten a tooth knocked out in a fight or after falling and hitting your head on a countertop, and of course you need to see an emergency dentist in this case. However, not all dental emergencies are this obvious. Many emergencies may not seem like emergencies to you at all, and in turn, you may put your teeth and gums at risk for severe damage because of ignoring these emergencies. Note a few of them here so you know to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and safe.

1. Food lodged between teeth

If you have food, seeds, or anything else lodged between your teeth and you cannot get this loose with floss, you want to see an emergency dentist. This food or other particles can start to cut the gums and cause bleeding that won't stop on its own, and which also puts you at greater risk for an oral infection. Something lodged between your teeth can also put pressure on the teeth so that they might start to shift out of place. You might also cause irritation and cuts to the gums by trying to dislodge the particles on your own. Rather than risk this situation getting worse, visit an emergency dentist to have him or her address the problem with the proper tools.

2. Swollen tongue

Your tongue might be swollen due to an allergic reaction or because you've cut your tongue and now it's irritated or even infected. While some allergic reactions may subside, a swollen tongue is not something to ignore. If you have an oral infection, you want to have it treated before it gets worse or spreads. Your swollen tongue might block breathing passages and make it uncomfortable if not impossible to sleep, so see an emergency dentist rather than assuming the swelling will simply subside on its own.

3. White spots

A canker sore may clear up on its own, but other white spots should not be overlooked. These may be the first signs of oral cancer, and it's always good to have any type of cancer properly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, as early detection and treatment are often the best possibilities you have for recovery. If you notice white spots or other sores in your mouth that haven't gone away after a few days, don't put off having these examined until your next dental appointment but see an emergency dentist, such as those at Bath Street Dental Practice, so you can be treated quickly.