Protecting the Toothless Smile: Baby Dental Care Tips and Tricks

The Nightly Grind: Why Am I Grinding My Teeth In My Sleep?

Grinding your teeth (more properly termed bruxism) while you sleep is a common problem and difficult to diagnose, especially if you sleep alone. However, if your dentist does diagnose you with nocturnal tooth grinding, that isn’t the end of the story–the hardest part of treating bruxism is figuring out what’s causing it. Medical professionals have […]

When to Visit a Dental Clinic

It’s typically recommended that adults visit their dentist at least annually, if not twice per year. Those with special risk factors or dental needs may need to increase their visits; smokers, someone with worn tooth enamel, and others should visit their dentist more often as recommended. However, many adults put off seeing a dentist for […]

Should You Give Your Children Fruit Juice?

When you are a parent, keeping your young child as healthy and happy as possible is your number one priority. But when you have to focus on education processes, healthy eating, bedtime rituals, habits at the dinner table, and a thousand other things, it can be extremely difficult to know if you are doing the […]

3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Can Enhance Your Smile

As time passes by, your teeth may crack, break or get discoloured. Or perhaps, you might be an unfortunate victim of teeth crowding or some unpleasant spaces between teeth. Although these dental flaws may be perceived by others as minor since they don’t damagingly impact on an individual’s oral health in many instances, they can […]

Teeth Whitening Treatment: Choosing The Best Option

When choosing a methodology for whitening your teeth, you need to consider several factors in order to come up with an option that is going to meet your expectations. Teeth whitening options differ in the degree of effectiveness, time consumption and cost among other factors. Read on to find what you should consider when you […]

How to Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste

In recent years, people have become more aware of what is in everyday household products and many families are making the switch to natural alternatives. Commercial toothpastes tend to be laden with chemicals and fluoride, which some people have decided to avoid due to concerns over its safety. Sodium lauryl sulphate is found in most […]

Common Denture Problems and Solutions

Today’s dentures (or false teeth) are made from modern natural-looking materials that are much more comfortable than their predecessors.  However, sometimes problems do occur which denture wearers should be aware of.  Here are some common denture problems, together with tips to solve them. Oral Hygiene and Correct Fitting It’s really important for everyone to keep […]