Top Gum: How Cosmetic Dentists Can Use Gum Contouring To Improve Your Smile

Everybody wants that shiny white Hollywood smile, and many of us spend thousands of dollars having our teeth whitened, repaired and realigned for a brighter, whiter smile. However, the gums that hold our teeth in place are just as important to a beautiful smile as the teeth themselves, and if your gums are unusually large, they can throw off the appearance of even the most well-cared-for set of pearly whites.

After Tooth Whitening: How to Keep Your Teeth White

If you're planning to have tooth whitening soon, you're undoubtedly looking forward to having white teeth at last. However, in the back of your mind you might already be thinking ahead to the after-whitening period, as this is the time when you'll need to maintain the newly white colour. Fortunately, you can do (or not do!) several key things to help maintain your lovely new smile for as long as possible.

Plastic Fantastic: The Pros and Cons Of Choosing Plastic Teeth For Your New Dentures

If you have lost a significant amount of teeth, having a set of dentures fitted can vastly improve the ease and quality of your life, helping you eat, speak and breathe just as easily as you did when you had a mouth full of pearly whites. However, just like natural teeth, dentures have to endure a lot of punishment over the course of their working lives, so choosing dentures made from a suitable material is key to their long-term usability.

Three Practical Tips for Avoiding Denture Repairs

Correctly fabricated dentures can look authentic and appealing like your natural teeth. Also, if the dentures are fitted properly for your mouth, they will settle snugly, and you will not experience pain or discomfort when using these dental devices. In addition, dentures can be quite long-lasting if they are properly maintained. On the other hand, if you do not perform upkeep, you will not gain the above benefits. Moreover, the dentures can sustain permanent damage due to the lack of appropriate care, leading to the need for expensive repairs.

Recovering Quickly From Wisdom Tooth Removal

You've taken great care of your teeth, brushing, flossing and having regular dental checkups. You've done everything you're supposed to, and yet, here you are, about to have your wisdom teeth removed. Sure, you know it's not really your dentist's fault, but you can't help feeling a little miffed. When wisdom teeth are painful, growing crooked or becoming impacted, they have just got to go. So, what should you expect when you have your wisdom teeth out, and what's the best way to recover, fast?