Have Misaligned Teeth? Your Smile Isn't the Only Reason You Need Braces

Having misaligned teeth often cause low self-esteem issues, which is the reason many people choose to get braces. While this is a good reason, you should also consider some of the other benefits of getting orthodontic treatment. This gives you an even greater benefit to getting braces, no matter your age.

Braces Help Fix Your Bite

First of all, aside from having a pretty smile, getting braces can help fix your bite. Many people who have misalignment of their teeth are also experiencing problems with their bite. This might be an overbite, where your front teeth overlap the bottom teeth, or an underbite where the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth. A crossbite is also possible, where the bite is uneven and crosses in the middle. Bite issues aren't just affecting your smile, but can also cause you headaches or tooth pain since your teeth don't align properly.

You Can Get Relief From TMJ Pain

In addition to pain simply from your jaw being misaligned, you might also have pain from your TMJ. The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, which runs across your jaw. If you have an overbite or underbite, the TMJ can be much worse and cause more severe pain. If you experience locking of your jaw whether it is open or closed, severe jaw or ear pain, or wake up with bad headaches, you might have a TMJ disorder that orthodontic treatment can help with.

Tooth Enamel is at Risk

When your teeth aren't aligned properly, some of the teeth are likely rubbing against other teeth, which can eventually lead to the enamel wearing away. Enamel never grows back, so once it's gone, it's gone. Your teeth will be extra sensitive and prone to cracking without the hard surface protecting them. It is best that you take every precaution against wearing away the enamel, which starts with knowing what teeth are rubbing against each other. Orthodontic treatment helps straighten them out, so no teeth are overlapping and causing this problem.

Keep in mind that there are multiple types of orthodontic treatments that can help straighten your teeth. There are traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces. If you don't want them to be as visible, also consider invisible braces that use clear, plastic aligners. These are more comfortable, removable, and can be effective at fixing misaligned teeth and various jaw alignment problems. For more information, contact a local dentist.