Tips from Dentists on How to Care for Your Braces

When you have braces on teeth, it is common knowledge that you will have to pay so much attention to ensure that your teeth are protected from staining, decay or encountering gum disease. As much as you will be advised on the best way to care for your teeth, there are some precautions that you will take to ensure that your braces are not damaged. For instance, you will avoid eating sweets, eating hard and crunchy foods and chewing gum.

If you are not sure of about other things to do in order to care for your teeth, you can consider the following tips.

Brushing Each Time You Eat

Even though dentist recommend that you brush twice as a standard oral care requirement, when you wear braces, you need to brush after every meal. This means that each time you eat anything, including when you eat snacks, you need to brush. Brushing after every meal is advisable as it gets rid of food particles that are trapped in the braces. When the food particles are removed from the braces the chances of developing serious dental problems is reduced so much.

It is recommended that, when brushing your teeth, you use an electric toothbrush or soft toothbrush that has round bristles. The appropriate way of brushing your teeth is by rinsing your mouth with water first to loosen food that is stuck around the braces. Dentists recommend that you brush every tooth at the gum line, below the braces as well as above the brackets. Begin by brushing your gum line first and do this as you have your toothbrush held at 45-degree angle. After brushing rinse the brackets to remove any kind of particle that may be stuck.

Be Careful With Food That You Eat

When you wear braces, there are certain food stuff that you will have to keep away from. Some of the food stuffs that are not advisable for consumption include sugary and starchy foods, as they often lead to building of plaque around the brackets. When you have plaque around the teeth, it will stain your teeth and could lead to gum disease or cavities within the teeth. Some of the food stuffs that dentist advise people to avoid as much as possible include corn, chewing gum, cobs and even dried fruits, as they can stick in the teeth and be difficult to remove from your braces.