Three Practical Tips for Avoiding Denture Repairs

Correctly fabricated dentures can look authentic and appealing like your natural teeth. Also, if the dentures are fitted properly for your mouth, they will settle snugly, and you will not experience pain or discomfort when using these dental devices. In addition, dentures can be quite long-lasting if they are properly maintained. On the other hand, if you do not perform upkeep, you will not gain the above benefits. Moreover, the dentures can sustain permanent damage due to the lack of appropriate care, leading to the need for expensive repairs. Here are some essential guidelines to help you prevent denture damage, improve performance and prolong the lifespan.

Brush the Dentures with Care

You should brush your dentures to prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria. Ideally, you should brush the devices as you would natural teeth for ideal results. However, you should never use toothpaste intended for teeth. This precaution is critical because most commercial toothpastes have some compounds which can cause the degradation of the denture structure. You should simply use some water when cleaning the dentures or a product designed for use on these dental devices. It is important to note that normal toothbrushes with tough bristles can cause damage. You should ensure that your denture brush has soft bristles to minimise the risk of scratching.

Take Handling Precautions

Dentures are quite strong and durable. However, the devices are vulnerable to high impact or pressure. If they fall down or are squeezed firmly in the hands, they will need repairs or replacement. Therefore, you should take some precautions when handling your dentures. Under ideal circumstances, you should not remove your dentures without ensuring that they will have a place to fall safely in case of an accident. For example, you can fill your sink with water or get a clean folded towel before removing the dentures. If these dental products do fall, they will be cushioned. Additionally, when brushing the dentures, you should not bend the denture because this could cause permanent damage.

Soak the Dentures

You should remove the dentures when sleeping so that your gums will have a chance to rest and heal. However, you should not place them in an open place. If these devices dry out, their custom shape will be compromised. Therefore, you should keep the dentures moist by placing them in an appropriate solution. You can simply soak the dentures in water. However, you can purchase a commercial product designed for keeping dentures fresh. If you prefer such a solution, you should confirm its compatibility with your dentures.