After Tooth Whitening: How to Keep Your Teeth White

If you're planning to have tooth whitening soon, you're undoubtedly looking forward to having white teeth at last. However, in the back of your mind you might already be thinking ahead to the after-whitening period, as this is the time when you'll need to maintain the newly white colour. Fortunately, you can do (or not do!) several key things to help maintain your lovely new smile for as long as possible. Read on to learn what you need to know. 

Drinking Habits

Your drinking habits -- both adult bevvies and regular ones -- play an important role in maintaining your tooth whitening results. There are several drinks that it's best to stay away from as much as possible, as they may have played a role in your tooth discolouration. These include: 

  1. Coffee: coffee is one of the leading culprits when it comes to tooth darkening. It's best to stop drinking coffee if you can -- but if you must, reducing your intake may delay the darkening of your teeth. 
  2. Red wine: all types of red wine can stain teeth considerably -- however, you could consider a white wine or a rosé wine in its place since these don't tend to cause problems.
  3. Tea: dark tea varieties like black teas are especially bad in terms of teeth discolouration, but lighter teas like green tea are typically fine to drink.
  4. Fruit juices: many fruit juices, for example grape juice, can stain teeth if you have them regularly. In general, the darker colour juices are the ones to avoid. Apple juice and other light colour juice are usually just fine, though.

Oral Care Habits

Oral care habits may need to change a bit when you're trying to maintain newly white teeth. Be sure that you follow the standard "two minutes, two times a day" recommendation when it comes to brushing. This helps remove film and debris from substances that could stain your teeth -- and it also keeps your mouth healthy by preventing tooth and gum disease. If you have a dark coloured beverage or a cigarette during the day, wash your mouth out with water to remove any residue afterwards. 

Smoking Habits

When it comes to smoking habits and teeth whiteness, it's simple: if you want to maintain your teeth whiteness, you need to give up smoking. Teeth often turn a yellow colour in chronic smokers due to the tar within the cigarettes. If you're not able to quit right now, at least consider reducing your daily cigarettes until you've phased them out completely. Not only will your teeth be whiter, your general health will be better. 

Keeping your teeth white after tooth whitening can be easy, as long as you commit to following the tips above. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about other tooth whitening care tips today!