5 Advantages of Denture Repair Services

If you go into a pharmacy, you are likely to see a range of products that claim you can use them to repair your dentures. However, if you are dealing with broken dentures, it is much better to get them repaired by a professional than to carry out a repair yourself at home. Here are a few advantages of using a denture service.

1. Durability

Home denture repairs rarely last. They can be helpful to tide you over until you get around to making an appointment with a denture service, but it is unlikely that you can rely on a home repair over the long term. The glues in denture repair kits form a strong seal at first, but over time they break down, allowing the dentures to break apart. A weak spot in your dentures could lead to them breaking while you are eating or chatting with friends, which can be very embarrassing.

2. Comfort

Even if your home denture repair holds, it is unlikely to be as comfortable as a professional repair. It is very difficult to glue your own dentures in a way that does not create an uncomfortable ridge, which could irritate your sensitive gums when you chew or talk. Home repairs can also lead to rigidity in the base, which can make eating much less comfortable as your dentures do not move properly with your mouth. Professional repairs preserve flexibility, ensuring that your dentures are just as comfortable as when they were new.

3. Safety

Some people who carry out home repairs on their dentures use ordinary household glues. Dentists do not recommend using these products on any dental device as many contain traces of ingredients that can irritate your gums, mouth, or stomach. In contrast, denture repair services only use materials that have been tested and proven safe to use in the mouth.

4. Speed

Many people resort to home denture repairs because they cannot wait to see their dentist. However, many denture services offer emergency appointments for broken dentures. Contact your local service to find out how soon they can see you.

5. Cost

Home denture repairs might seem like a cheap option, but if the repair fails, you could find that you have wasted your money. Many denture services offer low-cost repair options to help you access the service that you need. Get in touch with a local denture service to discuss the cost and find out about programs that can help you afford denture repair if you are on a low income.