When You Need Braces But Don't Like the Way Braces Look

You're going to be happy with the look of your smile once your orthodontic treatment has finished. You might not be so happy with the way your smile looks during orthodontic treatment. If you need braces but aren't enthusiastic about the appearance of traditional braces, what are your options? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to realign teeth without the typical look of braces.

Clear Aligners

When the misalignment of your teeth is minor to moderate, chances are that your dentist will recommend clear aligners. These are made of a transparent thermoplastic which fits tightly over your entire dental arch (your upper and lower rows of teeth). The aligners are configured to apply pressure to your teeth in order to facilitate realignment. Once a set of aligners has aligned your teeth as far as the configuration of that particular set can achieve, you simply change the aligners to a set with a new configuration and so on until the correct alignment of your teeth has been accomplished.

Lingual Braces

Not everyone will benefit from clear aligners, and they will not achieve the desired results with all types of misaligned teeth. This doesn't mean you'll necessarily need traditional braces. Ask your orthodontist about lingual braces. These are technically traditional braces; however, they're applied to the backside of your teeth, meaning that the metal brackets and archwire will be hidden from view. Because of the positioning of the braces, they apply pressure in a different way, meaning that the lingual system is only appropriate for moderate misalignment (beyond that which can be corrected by clear aligners). Excessively crowded teeth or teeth that essentially overlap each other can diminish the effectiveness of lingual braces. 

Ceramic Braces

If you're not a candidate for clear aligners or lingual braces, then traditional braces might be your best option. This no longer means that you will have to live with that look for the duration of your treatment. An orthodontist can provide you with ceramic braces. These are traditional braces; however, the brackets affixed to your teeth are made of ceramic, colour-matched to your teeth, making the braces far less obvious. The metal archwire threaded through the braces can be frosted, meaning it's far less conspicuous too.

So if you need orthodontic treatment but don't like the way braces look, don't worry. There are a few ways to realign your teeth without that typical look that traditional braces have.