Common Treatment Methods to Correct a Gummy Smile

When the adult teeth erupt during adolescence, they move through the gums and supporting bone until they are present in the mouth. The process then continues at a slower pace until the gum and bone tissue has sunken back. However, some people find that their teeth don't seem to come as much out of the gum as they would like. When they smile, they show more gum and less tooth surface than other people, a condition which has become known as "

On the White Track: Teeth Whitening Tips for Socialites, Brides and Interviewees

If you want to be noticed for the right reasons, looking good can go a long way toward achieving that result. Most Australians tend to agree with this sentiment according to the results of a recent study by Suncorp Bank, which found that Australians collectively spend $100 billion on their appearance each year. One such way of improving your appearance is to whiten your teeth. When it comes to personal appearance, 90% of adults believe that your smile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Positive Approaches To Imaginary Play For Pre-Schoolers

Children who have yet to begin school can have the most astounding imaginations and be seemingly more involved in their play than in real life. From fairy tale adventures to superhero role play, younger kids are often happy to exist within their imaginary lives for long periods. However, there can be a downside, particularly when toddlers and younger children focus on negative imaginary ideas, such as monsters. Before children get into school and start to engage in more formal learning, it can be frequently beneficial to use imaginary play as a chance to learn about the world and to help deal with what is real and what is not in a safe way that makes kids feel comfortable.

3 Options to Consider If Your Teeth Are Stained

Some people may think that the only option available to them when their teeth are stained is to whiten those teeth either at the dentist's or using a home dental whitening kit. However, several other options exist for those who want to get rid of stains in their teeth. This article discusses some of those additional options that may be helpful in getting rid of the stains in your teeth.

Size Matters: 5 Signs That Your Dentures Are the Wrong Height

Do you suspect that your dentures may be too tall or too short for your mouth? Here are 5 signs you should look out for. If you're experiencing any of the following problems, visit a dentist as soon as possible to repair or alter your denture before your issues worsen. Speech Have you noticed changes in your speech since you started wearing your dentures? If dentures are the wrong height, it can be difficult for you to position your tongue correctly when you talk.